Ladies’ Night Out Video Presentation from May 6, 2016

Last night, we would have been holding our 16th Annual Ladies’ Night Out dinner and Hilda would have been snapping her photos as usual.  However, since the event was cancelled this year due to the pandemic, I’ve had to dig into our archives to replace what would have been a current photo slideshow.

What I found and posted here is a DVD video that was played at our dinner on May 6, 2016. The video was accompanied by Sheila Kiess’ presentation of Women in St. Matthew’s History. The contents of that presentation can now be found HERE ( also in video form)

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6 Responses to Ladies’ Night Out Video Presentation from May 6, 2016

  1. Hi Cathy Sorry, didn’t get open your question until lastnight. Firstly, I want to give you my condolences for the passing of your sister, Brenda. I just hate doing it this way because it’s just so impersonal but I guess there’s no other way, right now. Getting back to your question – There’s never been any parking lot service, but we open the windows so you can hear the organ recital, that lasts 10 minutes while Pastor stands at the front door. You could hear the music from your car if you park on Kent. We discourage members from leaving their cars and standing on the sidewalk. After Lily finishes playing, Pastor delivers his message for the week, which I’m not sure can be heard, even though the sound system is on. You and Mike stay safe… Bob


  2. Karen Krysa says:

    Thank you for this lovely video. Sparked so many great memories of wonderful ladies. Miss so many of them.

  3. Marilyn Schultz says:

    Thnx for that wonderful trip down memory lane to see all the former St Matthew’s members, and some currrent ones too of course..

  4. brianspeck2013 says:

    Thanks Bob-have had several ladies say how they missed Ladies Nite this year Sinikka


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