Our Pastors

Our Founding Pastor – The Rev. Frederick Ebinger 1876-1878

Between 1878 and 1926 the following ministers served: M. Meyer 1878-1880, M. Chamberlain 1880-1881, T. Snider 1881-1885, J. Badke 1886-1888, T. Snider 1888-1913, W. H. Knauff 1913-1914, J. Bieber 1914 (photo), H. A. Kunkle 1914-1915, W. H. Knauff 1915-1919, J. F. Berman 1920-1923, W. A. Schmidt 1923-1925

Our First Resident Pastor – The Rev. S. W. Gartung 1926-1936 (photo)

The Rev. Seymour Cooper 1937-1942 (photo)

The Rev. Fred Mueller 1942-1945 (photo)

The Rev. Carl Cronmiller 1945-1953 (photo)

The Rev. Richard Tubbe 1954-1960 (photo)

The Rev. Mark Innes 1960-1963 (photo)

The Rev. Paul Fischer 1964-1965 (photo)

The Rev. Harold Lindeman 1965-1972 (photo)

The Rev. Paul Burgoyne 1973-1982 (photo)

The Rev. Keith Crouse 1982-1996 (photo, 1996 news article)

The Rev. Kevin McLeod 1997-2002 (photo, 1997 news article)

The Rev. Jukka Saarinen 2003- (September) 2021 (photo, 2003 news article)

Our Present Pastor – Rev. Bart Coleman (October) 2021 (photo)

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