Social Outreach
St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

bullet The members of St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church strive to meet not only its parishioners’ spiritual needs but their emotional and physical needs as well.
bullet Our Care and Concern Committee visits families who have suffered the loss of a loved one, shortly after the funeral and one year later at the first anniversary.  During these visits, memories of the loved one are shared as well as the concerns and the burdens of grief.
bullet There are teams of members who visit the ill and the confined at the local hospital and other care facilities on a weekly basis.
bullet For the homebound members of St. Matthew’s, cassette tapes of the weekly worship service are provided.
bullet Social Ministry involves the work of providing the less fortunate with food and/or vouchers, layettes, and good used clothing when needed.
bullet Several members volunteer as drivers and servers for the local Meals on Wheels program.
bullet Once a month, volunteers from our church serve a meal at the Welland Soup Kitchen.
bullet St. Matthew’s Fellowship Hall is used regularly by various community groups.