A Sneak Preview of This Sunday’s Sermon

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Special Guest Speaker Jim Butts – December 5th

Mr. Jim Butts, who coordinates the breakfast program at Holy Trinity in Welland, has kindly scheduled a visit to St. Matthew’s on Sunday, December 5th. He will present news about the program, which serves our neighbours in need, and talk about how it is going so far. This temple talk will be held at the beginning of the 11am worship service.
Jim will be inviting interested people to volunteer or consider other ways of supporting the program. We are pleased Jim will be with us and look forward to hearing about this new and exciting ministry in our neighbourhood.
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1st Sunday In Advent – November 28, 2021

SERMON (audio only)
Sermon Transcript (.pdf)

Click HERE for entire bulletin

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Sneak Preview of This Week’s Sermon – November 28, 2021

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A Journey Through Luke’s Gospel This Advent Season

Each Advent includes the beginning of a year’s exploration of one of the Gospels. This year we journey through Luke’s Gospel. We are offering a brief introduction, in slideshow form, into Luke’s “take” on the Good News of Jesus.

Each Gospel has its own style and unique features—hardly a “you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all” sort of experience! As this year unfolds and we traverse Luke’s telling of the Good News, we hope this bit of background enriches both your understanding of the Gospel and your own faith response to it.

Pastor Bart

The Slideshow Link

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Church Newsletter – December 2021

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PLAID Friday – November 26

Click the photo to read the story behind Wear PLAID Friday

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Christ The King Sunday – November 21, 2021

SERMON (audio only)

Click HERE for entire Bulletin

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Sneak Preview of This Sunday’s Worship Service

On Christ the King Sunday, it has been a St. Matthew’s tradition to hold a Chili Luncheon after the service. The luncheon was generously hosted by the Speck family and free door prizes were given away at its conclusion. The event was held to “…celebrate all the opportunities and all the places that God has given us to be a church in mission for others throughout the past year”.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our last one was held in 2019. Similarily, there will not be one held this year either because of the public health restrictions.

Although we cannot celebrate with a luncheon again this year, it does not mean we can’t still acknowledge the same opportunites and accomplishments we have experienced in the last church year. (Hint – If you are in church this Sunday, you will know what I mean.)

On a side note, to help remind us of all those great chili luncheons we once enjoyed (we also pray for their return in the near future), I’ve added this short 2013 chili luncheon photo slideshow for your viewing.

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Installation Reception – November 14, 2021

Following the special Worship/Installation Service at 2pm at St. Matthew’s, a welcoming celebration was held in the Fellowship Hall. After the cake cutting by Sharon and Pastor Bart, several congregates remained to enjoy coffee/cake and fellowship with our new arrivals.

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