Weekly Sunday Organ Recital – May 3/20

****We encourage our members to stop by in their car on Kent Street, at 11am, and enjoy the recital, live, while remaining in their car.

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4 Responses to Weekly Sunday Organ Recital – May 3/20

  1. Darlene Mackler says:

    Mom and I enjoy listening to the sermon and music. I put it on the I pad and call her on the speaker phone so she can hear it all. Thanks Lily 💞 and Pastor.🌞

  2. Marilyn Schultz says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it from my home on Monday evening! Thank you Lily!

  3. CATHY TERPAK says:

    awesome idea ,i didnt read soon enough but will be there on the 10th perhaps some one can collect
    our donations ?

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