Church Women 1962

Picture taken in 1962 Front row: Ida Tufts, Hely Innes, Marilyn Schultz, Vera Bearss, Marge Patterson, Muriel Taylor, Edith Bloomhagen, Marj. Crow, Ida Russ, Evelyn Bowden, Dorothy Shaefer, Margaret Goring, Aldith Beatty
Back row: Greta Althouse, Loraine Gram, Marie Schatzline, Julie Liska, Sadie Taylor, Mabel Meyer, Marguerite Falkenhagen, Rose Meyer, Sadie Gram, Ella Reilly, Sharon Meyer, Mary Taylor, Wilma Losz, Shirley Taylor, Betty Scheel, Mary Lou Tufts, Marie Tufts, Josephine Rose, Rita Hill, Jean Schmidt, Zona McCarter, Almeda “Sunny” Gruhl

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