A Sneak Preview of This Sunday’s Worship Service – November 21, 2021

On Christ the King Sunday, it has been a St. Matthew’s tradition to hold a Chili Luncheon after the service. The luncheon was generously hosted by the Speck family and free door prizes were given away at its conclusion. The event was held to “…celebrate all the opportunities and all the places that God has given us to be a church in mission for others throughout the past year”.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our last one was held in 2019. Similarily, there will not be one held this year either because of the public health restrictions.

Although we cannot celebrate with a luncheon again this year, it does not mean we can’t still acknowledge the same opportunites and accomplishments we have experienced in the last church year. (Hint – If you are in church this Sunday, you will know what I mean.)

On a side note, to help remind us of all those great chili luncheons we once enjoyed (we also pray for their return in the near future), I’ve added this short 2013 chili luncheon photo slideshow for your viewing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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