Update Re: In-person Worship – March 24, 2021

Update – March 24, 2021 – RE: In-person Services

For the past few weeks Pastor Jukka and church council have been contemplating when St. Matthew’s would return to in-person worship. Our hope was for April 4, Easter Sunday, if we felt it was safe to do so.

Our Bishop, Rev. Michael Pryce sent an update on March 20 reminding us that, “The fact that you “may” gather for some form of in-person worship, does not mean that you necessarily “should” or “must.” Regardless of whatever public health restrictions may have eased, or what St. Something’s down the road may be doing; you need to plan based on what seems most prudent and responsible for your particular context.” He also mentions that, “With you, I long to be able to regularly and faithfully gather for worship and fellowship with my fellow believers. I am grateful and heartened to witness the steady ramping-up of our vaccination efforts and I am hopeful that we will experience a much less restricted life in the foreseeable future. That time, however, is not yet here, and we need to maintain the vigilance and care that has been expressed throughout the course of this long and difficult year. We who love God need to continue to regulate our behaviour in ways that also give faithful expression to our love of neighbour.”

On March 22, Dr. Hirji provided an update on the current COVID situation in Niagara, and after hearing his concerns about the new variants, and considering the update from our bishop, church council has decided that now is not the right time for St. Matthew’s to reopen for in-person worship. The good news is that the vaccines are finally here and some of our members have already received their first dose! We hope that everyone will be able to get their vaccine quickly.

Pastor Jukka is recording an Easter video worship that will be available on our website.

In the meantime, have a Blessed and healthy Easter! We will let you know when we are ready to resume in-person worship.

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