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44 Responses to St. Matthew’s Comment Message Board

  1. Thank you to everyone who helped put together another
    successful Ladies’ Night Out. The efforts of this committed
    team of volunteers are greatly appreciated. Our attendees
    were generous, and we are pleased to support Rose City
    Kids with almost $2,500.

  2. A Look at Our Green Space Flower Bed
    flower bed

  3. Hilda Finlayson says:

    Christ is risen!!
    On this great Day of days, I wish all the dear members of my St. Matthew’s Faith Family a lifetime of Easter Joy and Blessing.
    Christ is risen indeed!

  4. Our 2023 Church Council
    church council
    Frt (L-R) Dianne Yungblut(V-chair), Ruth Kiers, Frances McKenzie, Jennifer Rusk(Chair), Pastor Bart Coleman
    Back (L-R) Sylvia Tollar, Marilyn Schultz, Inge Poetzinger,
    Absent – Melanie Funk Laskaris – (also Treasurer) , Bill Bender

  5. roast beef
    2023 Roast Beef Dinner Photos were just uploaded to the Photo Album page. You can see the rest of the photos by clicking the “Photo Album” link in the menu bar at the top of this page.

  6. A Thank You Card From Linda Funk and Family
    thank you card

  7. wreath
    It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!
    Thank you Bill Bender, Kam and Norm Mcleod for getting this giant wreath hung up today.

  8. Christmas Eve and Day Services’ Notice

  9. National Truth and Reconciliation Day


  10. plaque
    Wow so great to see. I really loved the Chaple at Edgewood and the services there so very many years ago.

  11. garden
    Our front garden is now full of summery colour! Thank you Frances for looking after it this summer.

  12. Recently donated items to St. Matthew’s museum from the Boyd Family (Janice) , formerly from Fonthill

  13. Pastor Jukka says:

    To Pastor Bart and members of St. Matthew’s.
    Your concern, thoughts and prayers gave me added strength and faith as I… get back to normal activities. Vera and I will be spending what’s left of summer resting at our family cottage. Looking forward to in-person worship at St. Matthew’s this fall. God bless all of you for your concern, prayer and thoughts. Pastor Jukka

  14. Steve Olson says:

    Steve Olson says:
    August 24, 2022 at 10:44 am (Edit)

    Greetings to Pastor Bart Coleman. It’s been a long time (1984) since we worked together in Billings MT. Blessings to you in your ministry, Bart. Lots of good memories of experiences we shared together.

  15. elcic
    Did you know you can sign up for the weekly ELCIC Newsletters at this link

  16. What a celebration we had and how gratifying to see the congregations gather to worship and feast together! We continue to figure out together what shared ministry looks like and events like Sunday’s barbecue give us a hint about one of the key ingredients.

    In a sermon a while back, the preacher said something like “you work well together and seem to like each other.” I think I’m sticking to my story there:)

    Thank you for your dedication, hard work and enthusiasm—and for adapting when the rains came.

    It will be illuminating (and I bet inspiring) to hear stories about the next two Sundays when you share Service of the Word and rotate locations. Blessings on your planning and preparation.

    Pastor Bart

  17. gardensign
    Have you checked our front sign lately?

  18. flowers
    Finally, some signs of spring around the church!

  19. Beth Armitage says:

    Dear Faith Family,
    🎶 God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He’s so good to me.🎶
    These familiar words from a favourite song keep echoing in my mind lately as I think of all the wonderful, supportive people in my Faith Family at St. Matthew’s.

    Thank you to each and every one of you who have upheld me in prayer, sent beautiful e-cards and spoken words of comfort for my family and me during the recent loss of my son, Terry. I feel that God is sending me a message, too, in the discovery that the last place Terry went was the Palm Sunday worship service in your midst. Thank you for making him feel welcome.

    It pleases me to realize God has brought the faithful members of St. Matthew’s an excellent new Shepherd who will continue to strengthen our congregation making sure St. Matthew’s remains an excellent example of people who, in response to God’s love, welcome all to grow in faith, to worship Christ and to reach out to everyone.

    Bless you all,
    ~Beth Armitage

  20. Hilda Finlayson says:

    To my ever-faithful and caring St, Matthew’s Family-
    I wish you and those you love a joyous celebration of the hope and promise of this holy season. May our Risen Lord, who has promised to be with us always, bless all your Easter days!

  21. Pastor Jukka and Vera send their Easter blessings to everyone at St. Matthew’s

  22. sign
    A project for the congregation. Brian holding up next Sunday for the camera.

  23. brianspeck2013 says:

    A sincere thank you to all the members of St. Matthews for all the accolades upon my retirement from council. Thank you also for the apt gifts. I will enjoy them all. I have enjoyed working with all the various council members over the years . St Matthew`s is blessed with so many willing and dedicated people. Brian and I have worked as a team and we are both grateful for all the support and love St. Matthew`s has given us. See you in church!

  24. A very fitting prayer for these days.

    A Prayer for Peace
    How do we pray for peace from half a world away?
    How can words salve and soothe real wounds,
    Assuage real fears, Wipe tears from real eyes?
    God of endless compassion, transform our prayers
    From words into bridges, that span the distances
    Between us, uniting our hearts in yours.
    Every time we turn our keys in a lock,
    May we remember all who are losing their homes.
    Every time we step into our cars,
    May we remember all who are having to flee.
    Every time we embrace our children,
    May we remember all who are trying to shield theirs from war.
    May our besieged sisters and brothers
    Be drawn into the arms of the suffering Christ,
    And may our cry be heard as one voice,
    Ringing out from every corner of the earth:
    God of endless mercy, grant us peace.
    Amen. — Cameron Bellm, a writer of prayers, poems, and devotionals.

  25. ukraine rally
    Thought this might be of interest – Ukraine Vigil: Spoken Words, Silent Reflection, Peace Lyrics

  26. Bev Bureau says:

    Back when we were still able to attend church, I asked Dianne Yungblut if there were any more crosses made from our previous church doors. She assured me there were and then provided me with one. It is for my new grandson, Leo. The cross has been hung up on his bedroom wall, and it looks fantastic. Thank you Dianne for providing one for me, it was greatly appreciated.

    • crossphoto
      For those who may not know what Bev was referring to in her comment, here’s a picture of one of the crosses that was made by Morley, Norm, Brian and Cliff Schultz from the damaged doors. The crosses were handed out at the 130th Anniversary reception at St. Matthew’s in 2006.

  27. ET video stillCongratulations to Kathryn Bowen, granddaughter of Frank and Beryl Bowen, for her recent opportunity to design 3 dresses for Kim Kardashian West’s, KKW Fragrance’s new perfume’s promotional photo shoot. For those who have never heard of Kim Kardashian West, she is a popular Hollywood media personality, socialite, model, and businesswoman. Since becoming associated with KWW, Kathryn has already snagged two deals; one with Nordstrom in Canada and the U.S. and the other with Ssense, one of the biggest online retailers in the world.

    What appears to be instant success, has taken over 10 years. Kathryn attended and graduated (2011) from the London School of Fashion Design in London, UK before directly entering the market there. When the UK decided to exit the European Common Market, she was unable to have her work permit renewed. Kathryn then returned to Toronto, 5 years ago, establishing her own Studio.

    Kathryn was interviewed recently on ET Canada about this recent success. The interview was aired Thursday, January 27thand can be viewed at this link –

    Similarly, a newspaper article appeared in the Saturday, January 29th edition of the Toronto Star about Kathryn’s success story. An online version can be read here (a paywall may block the article if you don’t have a subscription)

  28. Interesting article – How COVID could change religion in Canada forever: ‘There is no going back’. Here is the link to the article:

  29. snow2022Our church after the snow fall today (picture courtesy of Jennifer)

  30. …from the ELCIC Twitter feed, an excellent informational resource – “The Lutheran World Federation Newsletter”

  31. Bonnie Johnston says:

    Thanks to all for your time and talent which have made this Sunday morning message possible.

  32. Dianne says:

    According to Walt Disney there are 3 kinds of people in the world. There are ” well-poisoners”, those who discourage you; “lawn mowers”, the folks who mow their own lawns and never leave their yards to help another person and finally ” life enhancers”, the people who reach out to enrich the lives of others. Let’s keep on being life enrichers.

  33. Thanks Bob for setting up the board. I enjoyed seeing the pink sky when I brought the paper in this morning. Wishing everyone a day filled with smiles.

  34. Pastor Bart and Sharon says:

    ThankYouCardDear friends at St. Matthew’s –
    Thank you for thinking of us at Christmas time with a generous gift. It does make the season cheery to receive such kindness. We will have fond memories of our first Christmas in Welland. As we settle in now, as we navigate this part of the pandemic, we give thanks for your friendship, kindness and commitment to showing Christ in love in the world. Blessings

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